Today we feature Dr. Alison Geymer PT, DPT, CWS, CLT also known as “The Brain PT”.  Alison has an amazing practice that focuses on Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and brain injury rehabilitation.  She offers balance training for older adults as well as caregiver training.  Dr. Geymer is the founder of The Brain Fight Club which is a PD exercise program with exercises ranging from tai chi to Spartan training!

She founded Geymer Physical Therapy and Wellness in 2016. During Alison’s 10+ years as a physical therapist, she noticed that clients were being told to “exercise” after being discharged from physical therapy but did not have the resources in the area to continue safe exercise. It is then that she became a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach and began offering group boxing classes for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

– Content courtesy of Geymer Physical Therapy and Wellness

In this video, a PD patient is challenged to “defend” by changing directions rapidly to keep in front of the “attacker”.  It resembles youth basketball training and is a great challenge for PD patients as it is common for them to struggle with changing direction.  Powerful active movements and agility training drive neuroplasticity.

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