Today we feature Brandon Tytka PT, DPT Co-owner of The Golf Fit PT.  Brandon, who played soccer and golf while in college partnered with Chris Shank a golf pro to create The Golf Fit PT.  They offer physical therapy, swing analysis, as well as golf lessons.  Here is a quick list of their offerings:

  • Strength and Power Building Programs
  • Flexibility Programs
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Pre-round Warm-Ups
  • Mid-round Stretches
  • Golf Specific Drills
  • Monthly Blogs, Articles, and Videos
  • Injury Rehabilitation – Physical Therapy

The Golf Fit PT is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals on the course: from staying injury free to rehabbing a nagging injury to lowering your GHIN handicap. Brandon Tytka, Chris Shank, Jay Senozetnik, and John Nazzarett have countless hours as practicing physical therapists, studying the game of golf, and playing golf. The Golf Fit PT members will improve his or her flexibility, strength, power, ball contact, swing, short game, and overall health and fitness.

In today’s video, a patient performs a rotational strength exercise that directly translates to his swing.  With the use of a cable machine, the patient takes a staggering athletic stance with his weight on his front foot and rear foot on a BOSU ball.  The patient holds the cable handle with two hands and rotates in a controlled fashion to pull the weight from beside his body to extend forward in front of him.  This activity challenges the muscles of his shoulder girdle and arms as well as being an excellent core movement specific to the rotational movement in the transverse plane of swinging a golf club.  The athlete keeps his hips stable and facing forward at all times.  Check out the video below.

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