Today we feature Megan Lamphere PT, DPT of PhysioSage.  Megan has a passion for educating patients and coaching PTs to improve in their patient education and lower the stress associated with the everyday life of being a physical therapist.  Check out this excerpt from the PhysioSage website:


PhysioSage was born from recognizing the “gaps” in our knowledge.

We know you know the importance of quality of patient education in healthcare. Our goal is to make that easier for you to deliver.

Early on in our careers, we learned that how we deliver patient education matters- it’s NOT just checking a box. As true physiotherapy nerds, we at PhysioSage scour the medical and education literature and use social media to bring you the best and most up-to-date information that we can find to help you deliver quality patient education in your daily clinical care.

Our company offers accessible and affordable self-reflection resources, teaching & learning tools, mentoring, and more! All of our products and services have the goal of creating enthusiastic learners, stronger teachers, and SAGE physical therapists through our five subject areas:

  • Self-reflection

  • Teaching

  • Learning

  • Health Literacy

  • Patient Empowerment

Our hope is that all therapists will become more confident patient educators and will experience more meaningful patient outcomes, health literacy, and empowerment.

– Content courtesy of the PhysioSage


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