Today we feature Dr. Nicholas Rolnick DPT, MS, CSCS of The Human Performance Mechanic.


The Mission of THPM is to help everyone experience the Joy of Pain-Free Movement through world-class Physical Therapy & Personal Training.

Nicholas says “The human body is a machine. I’m fascinated by its unlimited potential, and its amazing ability to recover from injury.   Machines are the most efficient and effective when they are in balance. When a machine is out of balance, it takes a skilled mechanic to diagnose the imbalance and provide the remedy. As a physical therapist, I see myself as the human performance mechanic.  My specialties: McKenzie Therapy (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) and Blood Flow Restriction Training.”

In addition, Dr. Rolnick teaches continuing education courses for physical therapists on the benefits and applications of blood flow restriction training.  Nicholas has a strong background in strength and conditioning and he gives tons of tips on his social media.  Check out the video below to improve your chest day training.

Here below is some information on Dr. Rolnick’s BFR training:

Blood flow restriction can help improve patient outcomes and scale your business

This engaging and easy to follow course will provide health and performance professionals with the tools and scientific knowledge required to safely prescribe BFR training.

Introducing BFR into your practice will not only benefit your patients, but it can also help you to scale your business by offering a new, effective specialization.

Help patients move better 

When combined with accurate assessments and appropriate training programs, BFR can help your patients, increase muscle strength & balance.

Nicholas Rolnick DPT

Safely program

An effective method to help patients build strength and safely return from injury. BFR is an ideal training methodology to implement with post-operative patients.

Nicholas Rolnick DPT

Reach more patients

Become a BFR specialist and widen your service offering to a whole new type of clientele, from injured or post-operative to athletic populations.

Nicholas Rolnick DPT

Train patients remotely

BFR makes it easy for patients to train remotely and still build strength, without requiring heavy weights or any equipment.

Nicholas Rolnick DPT

Expand your expertise

Continue to develop your own practical skills, while also earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to help with your recertification process.

This course qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations: ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine, NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association and the BOC – Board of Certification

Maintain existing clients

Augment training programs for your existing patients with BFR, helping them to achieve their results faster.

– All content courtesy of Dr. Nicholas Rolnick and The BFR Pros

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