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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” – Buddhist proverb

I always remind myself of this powerful statement in my own life, and in the ways I can contribute to helping you reduce your own suffering. The oath of the healing arts practitioner – “first do no harm.”

Movement as medicine encourages the individual to journey just beyond themselves; to investigate the right kind of challenge in forgotten, or uncharted, a territory that moves them toward their goals and draws their attention to what’s needed along the way.

Moving Into Harmony offers you the opportunity to go to a place of not yet understood layers of support and collaborative activities in your body-mind ecosystem and we invite you, the attentive explorer, to step into a territory that:

  • ignites discovery – opening doorways to natural unbound potential,
  • inspires vivid integration of newly found freedoms and vitality,
  • animates achievements – the fruits of your efforts that are carried through life, and
  • emboldens your capacity to age gracefully.

Over time, with your consistent playfulness and attentiveness to movements that promote and circulate health, you will not only feel the freedom from suffering and the limitations in your life but you will also harness the capacities**:

  • Develop strength from an internal layer of stability (not your muscles).
  • Promote fluidity as the essence of flexibility.
  • Connect and interact with the subtle, natural phenomena within you, which signals and guides how you move in your life.
  • Freely move your whole body in coordinated ways from a spacious balance-point.
  • Gain agility and responsiveness, and experience your own sense of athletic accomplishment.
  • Compassionately adhere and endure what life brings you.

This is why Moving Into Harmony emphasizes that Movement as Medicine is essential to harnessing your health. In my 26 years as a practitioner, I’ve come to understand and respect that one’s individual journey on the path of healing is based on the whole person – their body-mind ecosystem and it is this honorable opportunity that I gratefully serve. It provides me the lens to assist you with the best possible solutions.

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