The idea for GoTherex began in July 2019.  Matt Reuschle, founder of GoTherex, was studying for his doctorate in physical therapy.  While in school, Matt observed the great opportunity that telehealth presented for physical therapists and their patients.  In July 2020, as the world was gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic, GoTherex was born.  Social distancing guidelines and the indisputable dangers associated with contagious disease was preventing patients from entering the clinic for medical care.  Physical therapy practices saw patient volumes drop dramatically more than 50% and all across the United State physical therapists were being furloughed and laid-off.  Meanwhile, patients were being forced to suspend their rehabilitative care or to forgo getting care at all.  The coronavirus pandemic proved that telehealth would be a vital part of physical therapy moving forward.

Matt designed GoTherex as a telehealth physical therapy community.  The physical therapists on GoTherex work together in combatting the challenges of adopting this innovative method of care.  At the same time, patients are encouraged to give feedback on their experience with their physical therapist.  Matt wants to empower patients to pick the PT guru that fits their individual goals, and for PTs to be able to leverage their specialty certifications and personal background to bring greater value to patients.

Aside from physical therapy, Matt is a lifelong avid athlete and adventure sports enthusiast.   After over a decade of working in youth, college, and international soccer, Matt decided to enter physical therapy (PT) school to further his depth of knowledge in corrective exercise and rehabilitation.  Upon graduating, as a serial entrepreneur, Matt sought to inspire physical therapists to build their own practices and to create a business model that would be more resistant to an ever-changing marketplace.

GoTherex Agreement of Trust

  • GoTherex guarantees you will find the right specialist PT for your personal goals.
  • All GoTherex PTs offer expert telehealth physical therapy, so you don’t have to expose yourself to undue risk.
  • GoTherex will never charge a physical therapist to list themselves on our network site.
  • GoTherex will verify credentials and all patient reviews on our site.
  • GoTherex will only refer affiliate partners that we use ourselves.
  • GoTherex will advocate for physical therapy and educate the public about telehealth physical therapy.